Today we will unveil recordings of telephone conversations with voices similar to those of Petro Poroshenko and Joseph Biden, testifying to the facts of international corruption and treason at the highest state level. As we go forward during the press conference, from a legal point of view, in the slides and texts, the names “Poroshenko”, “Kerry” and “Biden” should be understand as persons whose voices are very similar to the voices of the senior officials of Ukraine and the USA acting at that time.


These records were given to us by investigative journalists. According to them, Petro Oleksiyovych personally recorded the conversations, which, according to the journalists, is evident without any expert examination when listening.


These records are part of an extensive corruption puzzle that we, together with fellow members of the Parliament, experts and journalists, have been collecting for many months. Therefore, it is logical that investigative journalists turned to us.

$1 billion of US taxpayers’ money in exchange for maintaining Burisma schemes and international corruption.

Now we will disclose an audio recording of conversations that took place at the end of 2015 and throughout 2016 between the then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Vice President of the United States Joe Biden. And also between Poroshenko and United States Secretary of State John Kerry.

And here we immediately ask the supporters of Poroshenko to move away from the screens; many who participated or were deceived during the Maidan, as well as those who naively believe that Petro Poroshenko could not discuss billion-dollar corruption schemes at the highest state level, sitting in his office.

But before we turn on the record, I’ll briefly let you know what will be discussed further.

As we already said, at the end of 2019, a major international corruption scandal erupted in the United States.

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden leads a massive corruption scheme.

Let me remind you, that Joe and his son Hunter Biden and their partners for many years received millions of dollars in exchange for the political “cover” from the gas company owned by Mykola Zlochevsky (a minister from the time of Yanukovych).

Biden’s son Hunter served on the board of directors of this company. Together with him, the money on the board of directors of Burisma was also received by a friend of the stepson of United States Secretary of State John Kerry, his assistant Devon Archer.

This slide shows these three guys.

Why is it so important?

Because the recording of conversations shows how Kerry, along with Biden, insisted on the dismissal of Prosecutor General Shokin, who investigated the Burisma case and eventually went after Bidens.

John Kerry was supposed to test the waters regarding the possible dismissal of Shokin, which he did on December 3, 2015.

Let’s listen to this conversation.

In other words, the United States, Europe and Poroshenko himself are satisfied with Shokin’s work. The only one who wants his resignation is a massive scheme team led by Biden.

In a conversation with Kerry, Poroshenko admits that Sakvarelidze was assigned to the Prosecutor General’s Office, who does not report to Shokin but submits to the US Embassy. This is the first example of how Biden manually controlled key government agencies.

Naturally, Kerry extended an invitation to meeting from Petro Oleksiyovych to Biden. Poroshenko wanted to discuss with Biden personally the fate of a man who came close to Bidens and Burisma schemes.

And just a few days after talking with Kerry, Biden flies to Kyiv to put pressure on Petro Oleksiyovych regarding Shokin.

In his sleeve, Biden has one, but compelling argument – $1 billion loan guarantees.

$1 billion of US taxpayers’ money. That’s the price of saving Biden from prison. That $1 billion became a carrot for Petro Oleksiyovych, for the sake of which he dismissed Shokin.

Let us recall what it was like.

And here is how Poroshenko presented the resignation of Shokin to Biden. He was in a hurry to report to Biden as soon as he unlawfully forced a statement on the resignation of Prosecutor General Shokin.

Pay attention to the assessment of Shokin’s work by Petro Oleksiyovych.

Quote: “Despite the fact that we didn’t have any corruption charges, we didn’t have any information about him doing something wrong, I specially asked him to resign.”

In other words: “Shokin is, of course, a good man, but a yard is a yard.”

Poroshenko honestly says to Biden: “I kept my promises”, hinting that now it is Biden’s turn.

But why did Poroshenko need a billion? Was he really that worried about the fate of Ukraine? We will get an answer to this when we see where the billion was directed.

The main item is the defense industry. This was then confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze.

So where was $1 billion supposed to go?

To earn money on war.

There are enterprises like Lenin’s Smithy, Bogdan, Ukroboronprom. They received military government orders and money. And the profit went into the pockets of the owners – Svinarchuk and Poroshenko.

Who owned Lenin’s Smithy and Bogdan? I think you all know.

Who “covered” the underbosses of Ukroboronprom – Gladkovsky-Svinarchuk, and because of this failed in the Presidential campaign? I think it’s also clear.

So, Shokin was fired. Petro Oleksiyovych has not yet realized that he will long chase after a billion, agreeing to new concessions to the detriment of the interests of citizens of Ukraine.

This is clearly understood from the next conversation between Poroshenko and Biden, where Biden puts forward new conditions in exchange for a billion. Shokin was removed, but to get the billion, Petro Oleksiyovych will still have to work.

Let’s listen.

What did Petro Oleksiyovych say there? “Extremely strong motivation.” So strong that Petro Oleksiyovych confesses to Biden that he raised tariffs for ordinary Ukrainians, his fellow citizens, ATTENTION not by 75% as requested by the IMF, but by as much as 100%.

“Already raised the tariffs by 100%, give me my yard, please”.

For the sake of a billion for himself, a man with the voice of Poroshenko is ready to strip the Ukrainians naked and also make money on tariffs.

By the way, tariffs really doubled.

But tariffs are not that interesting for Biden. He does not depart from his topic, and ambiguously makes it clear that Poroshenko should dismiss the Burisma cases investigated by Shokin. Pay attention to the following Biden’s words, who passes the task to Lutsenko through Poroshenko. I quote “to work quickly to repair the damage Shokin did.”

And, Poroshenko even admits to Biden that for the sake of Lutsenko he forced Rada to change the law within one day.

Let’s listen.

That’s great. Looking ahead, I note that Biden’s task was completed – Burisma cases were indeed dismissed in the future: some were closed, and some were transferred to NABU.

We all remember well how, instead of investigating Biden’s crimes, NABU leaked Shokin and his family personal data to Biden’s people at the embassy.

Here is this leak.

But back to the recording of the conversation. It follows from the records that Petro Oleksiyovych wants the billion so bad that he offers Biden to put an observer from the US Embassy to watch after Lutsenko and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

But in order not to spit in the face of the electorate explicitly and not to show that the country’s leading law enforcement agency, the Prosecutor General’s Office, is under the strict control of the Democrats and Soros forces from the US embassy, Petro Oleksiyovych says that this person should have Ukrainian roots or at least last name.

By the way, the “observer” did appear. His last name is Vytvytskyi.

The main question is: what made Biden urgently initiate the resignation of Shokin, in exchange for a billion of US taxpayers’ money? Indeed, back in the summer of 2015, Poroshenko, Europe and the US Department of State positively assessed the work of the Prosecutor General’s Office. What happened in these couple of months?

The fact is that in the fall of 2015, the Prosecutor General’s Office received evidence from the financial intelligence of other countries about large money tranches of $3.4 million.

This money was laundered through Burisma Holdings Limited and transferred to Rosemont Seneca Bohai accounts with an American bank Morgan Stanley.

The purpose of remittances was for consulting services. Let me remind you that Biden was the one who consulted Burisma.

At that time, the Prosecutor General’s Office was already investigating Burisma. And letting Shokin get to the bottom of these documents would be equal to political suicide for Biden.

Therefore, Biden got on a state plane and went to Ukraine to solve his personal issues.

From that moment, a big story began, which could turn for Poroshenko into “Treason” Article of the Criminal Code, and for Biden, it turned into a major corruption scandal.


So, as follows from the records of voices similar to those of Poroshenko and Biden, they entered into a criminal conspiracy.

Biden’s motive: to prevent the investigation of facts of international corruption with his participation.

Poroshenko’s motive: to get his hands on billion dollars of American citizens through his enterprises.

One spent a billion dollars of US citizens, and the other received the money for his enterprises.

External Governance

The second subject of these conversations clearly proves the manual governance of Ukraine in Biden’s personal interests through the hands of Poroshenko and Soros’s allies.

What does the external governance of Ukraine look like?

In the spring of 2016, a political crisis is brewing in the Parliament. Batkivshchyna, Samopomich and Lyashko’s Radical Party leave the coalition – and the coalition ceases to exist.

Yatsenyuk lost confidence and is about to resign.

According to the Constitution, in the absence of a coalition, re-elections of Parliament were to take place in Ukraine.

But Biden personally intervened in the situation and gave Poroshenko instructions on how to act.

What we hear next is a direct fact of external governance.

The following record proves that external governance is not some kind of conspiracy theory, not some half-hints or wishes. No. These are Biden’s precise instructions – whom to appoint and whom to dismiss, where to circumvent the law, and where to break it.

And if Biden cannot be judged for his treason, then his interlocutor definitely can be.

Let’s listen to the conversation of voices similar to the voices of Poroshenko and Biden, held in February 2016.

So what we have:

Poroshenko admits that there is no coalition. I quote “We do not have a majority. We don’t have neither legitimacy in the Parliament, nor in the public”.

And second, I quote Poroshenko “organized that in my faction and other functions, it was not enough votes. I blocked the resignation of the government, because I promised to you. Just because”.

What do we get? Instead of fulfilling the law and the Constitution and declaring re-election, Petro Oleksiyovych kept his personal promises to Biden and blocked the Cabinet of Ministers’ dismissal, more and more leading the country into external governance and political crisis.

The situation is becoming so deadlocked that Poroshenko and Biden admit that there is no coalition and are discussing the possibility of buying votes. Let’s listen:

In this story, the role of Samopomich is interesting. Poroshenko complains to Biden about the constant demarches by Samopomich and asks through the embassy, I quote “to increase the pressure and to support Jaresko candidacy by Samopomich”. Let’s listen:

As we see, Poroshenko directly says to Biden: “if you want your Prime Minister Yaresko, you should talk to your pet faction Samopomich”.

As we see from the conversation, the US citizen Biden controls half of the Parliament of Ukraine. This is what external governance is – when one person controls three out of five parties in a coalition. This is direct external governance.

By the way, Petro Oleksiyovych complained about Samopomich repeatedly.

This Biden’s grant faction was often untamable. Biden promised to influence grant-eaters in the Parliament. Let’s hear how it was.

“Please do not give the grants to Samopomich, do not give them money” – asks the dependent President of an allegedly independent country.

By the way, Samopomich has now primarily transformed into the Voice of Soros faction. Excuse me, the Voice faction.

These conversations clearly put everything in its place: Biden ruled Ukraine, Poroshenko controlled the misappropriation of billions.

We just heard how external governance was carried out through the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament.

And here is how Biden governed the largest Ukrainian state-owned enterprises through their Supervisory Boards. I emphasize, companies owned by the state of Ukraine.

In February 2016, Biden and Poroshenko discussed the bill on the establishment of the Supervisory Boards, filed by the Ministry of Economy, headed by Abromavichius.

By the way, Biden’s influence on Poroshenko was so significant in this matter that Petro Oleksiyovych violated the law, which he openly admitted to Biden. Let’s listen.

The person who should act as the Guarantor of the Constitution and laws personally violated them.

Bypassing the current norms of the law was common practice for Petro Oleksiyovych. Another aspect is interesting.

The role of Abromavichius in the Supervisory Boards. It was he who initiated the creation of Supervisory Boards in state-owned companies.

If you look at who went in there and how much they earn, it turns out that all these people involved in the money scandals represent a team of the so-called Soros allies or migrant workers.

The last rioting outpost in 2016 was PrivatBank and the 1+1 TV channel. But since Petro Oleksiyovych wanted to overtake it along with the right to control the 1+1 channel, he decided to push this story through Biden. But even here Poroshenko could not act without his “schemes”. He says: to raid Privat and Kolomoysky’s media assets, we must first vote on the budget. Because if we begin to commandeer Privat now, the representatives of Kolomoysky in the Rada will not vote for the budget.

I suggest listening to this conversation.

It turns out that Kolomoysky is a “pain in the ass” and a problem for Biden and Petro Oleksiyovych. He interfered with their schemes. He didn’t want to give them Privat and 1+1.


What do we have, as a result, talking about external governance:

The Prosecutor General’s Office is managed through Sakvarelidze, who is assigned to the Prosecutor General and an “observer” from Biden.

Biden governs three out of five factions in Parliament.

Biden fully controls the Cabinet of Ministers.

The largest state-owned enterprises – Naftogaz, Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrposhta, OschadBank, Ukroboronprom, were swarmed all over by the Supervisory Boards, consisting of Soros allies and migrant workers. They are paid millions in salaries and bonuses from the money owned by citizens of Ukraine.

The Parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Prosecutor General’s Office, NABU, state-owned enterprises – all this Poroshenko exchanged for the right to absorb $1 billion through his enterprises.

That is why we call it the signs of treason.

That is why we call it external governance.

Konstantin Kulik, the prosecutor, the head of a group of prosecutors who returned to Ukraine $1.5 billion stolen by Yanukovych and his entourage, will tell more about how the Prosecutor’s Office exposed the facts of international corruption. He returned the money to the budget of the country. No one else besides this group has ever returned anything to the country’s budget in such an amount or even ten times less.

He is the only prosecutor who served Poroshenko with charges when he was the President.

He, like many investigators from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, was illegally fired, through fraud with the so-called testing, because they got close to the schemes of international corruption.

(Konstantin Kulik speaks)

It is an urgent necessity that makes me appeal, arising from a threat to the investigation of the economic crimes by Yanukovych V.F. regime and the opportunity to confiscate into the budget of Ukraine the assets of this criminal group in the amount exceeding $40 billion.

I want to remind you that over the past four years, a group of prosecutors under my leadership managed to achieve significant results in this investigation, serve 98 members of the Yanukovych group with the notice of charges and confiscate one and a half billion US dollars to the budget.

The threat to the investigation has existed all the time, starting from 2014, and was associated with latent opposition from individual representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine. They are the former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, US Chargé d’Affaires a.i. in Ukraine George Kent and FBI Supervisory Special Agent for Eastern Europe Karen Greenaway, who led the activities of FBI investigators sent to the US Embassy in Ukraine. Greenaway is a classic example of the so-called “dirty cop” in the ranks of the FBI.

These individuals placed the fulfillment of political orders of representatives of the US Democratic Party above the interests of Justice.

One of the main tasks of this group of foreign figures was to block the return to Ukraine of money stolen under the Yanukovych regime in the amount of its annual budget, which put our State in a tough position.

The persons mentioned above deliberately organized the format of international relations with all law enforcement agencies through the mechanism of the US Embassy in Ukraine under their control, thus gaining full control over information on the progress of all high-profile investigations in the economic area.

At the same time, despite constant official assurances of their readiness to assist Ukraine in returning the above money, Yovanovitch, Kent and Greenaway actually blocked the necessary investigations, avoiding organizing the proper execution of our requests for legal assistance in criminal proceedings of economic nature and creating the required international investigation team.

From the very beginning, after the Revolution of Dignity, Karen Greenaway and the FBI investigators had access to absolutely all the information of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, as well as information on the progress of the investigation of criminal proceedings regarding the entourage of Yanukovych. At the same time, Yanukovych himself and his close associates, such as the former First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Arbuzov, Kurchenko, etc., are persons against whom the United States of America imposed personal sanctions in March 2014.

From the beginning of 2014, the competent authorities of the United States, using the power of their law enforcement agencies, should have been able to easily find and confiscate the assets of both Yanukovych himself and the ministers of his government who paid him a share of their own illegal business.

I want to emphasize the fact that these persons were under US sanctions because, for some reason, this fact is hushed up by the American media.

I believe that in the world of political scandals of recent years, everyone already understands, what the US Embassy actually did in Ukraine using individual representatives of the FBI and the National Bureau of Investigation. The result of these political intrigues was the resignation of Karen Greenaway and the early dismissal of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

After the resignation, Greenaway and other former FBI investigators took part in the hearings of the US Helsinki Commission in February 2019, during which they informed the public that for five years they could return not a dime to Ukraine. Literally, Greenaway said: “My heart breaks because many people worked very, very hard to do this.”

This is a flat-out cynical lie, and it is clear to anyone who understands the power of US law enforcement agencies and how they can work on the defendants who are under sanctions.

Moreover, after we confiscated one and a half billion US dollars to the budget of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, controlled by the US Embassy in Ukraine, began a series of proceedings on allegations of theft of these funds on the way from Sberbank to the State Treasury Service. Still, in fact, they were receiving and transferring official information from Sberbank and Ukrainian courts to the lawyers close to Arbuzov, needed by the latter in an attempt to return the money.

A group of prosecutors coped with the above challenges and obstacles that regularly occurred in the investigation of economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime. Still, in 2018, forces that the national investigation was unable to cope with on their own interfered with our investigation.

This was especially felt when the prosecutors started the investigation of the confiscation of assets of the famous Burisma Holdings Limited, controlled by Mykola Zlochevsky. Zlochevsky in the period of 2010-2013 with the assistance of Yanukovich V.F. held the posts of Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine and Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

The investigation strategy was narrowed down to the quick proof of the facts of the participation of the mentioned holding in the legalization (laundering) of the proceeds of crime, the seizure of its assets and the transfer of a court decision on assets confiscation to the Asset Recovery and Management Agency.

Another, faster mechanism to prove the illegality of the holding’s operations was at the disposal of the NABU. It was connected with the investigation of the facts of illegal issuance of special permits by Zlochevsky for the use of the subsoil to companies under his control, which are part of the Burisma Holdings Limited, where Zlochevsky is the beneficial owner.

However, after a couple of meetings, it became clear that NABU did not investigate this proceeding intentionally since even an investigator of the territorial police department level could prove the illegality of the issuance of these permits in 2-3 months.

During the investigation of the activities of Arbuzov, Kurchenko and Zlochevsky, the investigation obtained evidence that close associates of Petro Poroshenko, in particular Valeria Gontareva and others, took part in individual episodes of criminal activity.

After the Yanukovych group escape to the Russian Federation, these individuals, using the positions obtained after the Maidan, in coordination with the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, former US Chargé d’Affaires a.i. in Ukraine George Kent and FBI Supervisory Special Agent for Eastern Europe Karen Greenaway, committed actions to redistribute the assets of the Yanukovych group and counter the investigation.

In particular, this concerns episode related to the legalization of funds through the purchase and sale of the UMH Group media holding, bonds of Ukraine’s external public debt, and the like.

Besides, the investigation obtained evidence of the transfer of laundered money by a criminal group in the amount of $3.4 million from the accounts of Burisma Holdings Limited in the period from November 2014 to October 2015 to the account of ROSEMONT SENECA BOHAI LLCwith MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY LLC UNITED STATES/CITIBANK, NY. The above money was transferred with the purpose of payment “for consulting services”. But according to witnesses, they were paid to the family of former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden for lobbying the interests of Burisma Holdings Limited and Mykola Zlochevsky.

In 2018, it finally became apparent that Joe Biden, Marie Yovanovitch, George Kent and Karen Greenaway are doing everything to block the investigation against Mykola Zlochevsky and other persons of the Yanukovych regime and are doing this in coordination with people close to Petro Poroshenko.

Therefore, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine took specific measures to establish direct contacts with the US Department of Justice to create an international team to investigate the activities of the international corruption group, which included the representatives of the Ukrainian leadership from the time of Yanukovych and Poroshenko, as well as the representatives of the US Democratic Party.

Without an investigation into the activities of this group, there is no chance to proceed with the confiscation of assets in the amount of $40 billion, which was planned in 2019.

But Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch took measures to prevent the efforts of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, by blocking the consideration of visa issuance and the like.

As a result of a year and a half of work, the Prosecutor General Lutsenko managed to contact attorney Rudy Giuliani. He supported the idea of creating an international investigation team.

But further, to prevent the investigation and possible exposure of international corruption, the theft of funds from American taxpayers and bribes for political lobbying, the representatives of the US Democratic Party in September 2019 began an impeachment procedure with the meaningless purpose of proving Trump’s alleged influence on the President of Ukraine to initiate an investigation against Joe Biden and representatives of the US Democratic Party.

The senselessness of these efforts is evidenced by the fact that on March 28, 2019, I served Zlochevsky with the notice of charges, who was charged with, among other things, committing the legalization of the above $ 3.5 million through the accounts of Burisma Holdings Limited to the account of ROSEMONT SENECA BOHAI LLC in the interests of the Joe Biden family.
In other words, in September 2019, it made no sense to try to pass off a conversation between the two presidents as a discussion of the possibility of initiating an investigation into the fact that had already existed almost half a year ago.

After the unexpected victory of Volodymyr Zelensky in the election of President of Ukraine, the obstacles in the investigation seem to have been removed. But on August 29, 2019, Riaboshapka was appointed to the post of the Prosecutor General, who, in coordination with the US Embassy in Ukraine and representatives of the US Democratic Party, continued to oppose the investigation and practically buried it.

In particular, to stop several high-profile proceedings, Riaboshapka, in coordination with the US Embassy in Ukraine, took measures to illegally dismiss prosecutors from the prosecutor’s office who successfully investigated the economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime, including Mykola Zlochevsky and Burisma Holdings Limited. I want to draw your attention to the fact that each of these prosecutors is an experienced professional in their field and can independently organize and conduct processes in complex criminal proceedings.

All prosecutors of the group were illegally dismissed hastily, contrary to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, blocking the investigation against the above persons who had lost their political or diplomatic immunity.

Riaboshapka also stopped the execution of international orders on legal assistance and other important planned investigative and procedural actions. In particular, he blocked the chance to receive a court decision on disclosing bank secrecy on the transfer of funds to the accounts of ROSEMONT SENECA BOHAI LLC, interrogation of former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, etc.

On February 27, 2020, a week before the dismissal from the position of the Prosecutor General, already realizing the inevitability of the loss of his powers, Riaboshapka transferred the criminal proceedings against Mykola Zlochevsky and Burisma Holdings Limited to NABU, where, as I reported earlier, the case related to the issue of special permits by Zlochevsky for the use of subsoil in the interests of Burisma Holdings Limited under his control was buried for four years.

It is clear that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine did not carry out any investigative actions under any of the economic cases involving Joseph Biden, Mykola Zlochevsky and Burisma Holdings Limited.

The result of these criminal actions by Riaboshapka was a complete suspension of the investigation of all economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime, a suspension of the seizure of funds to the budget of Ukraine in the amount of $6 billion planned in 2019, undermining the credibility of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, and the like.

Regarding this fact, a statement has been prepared on Riaboshapka’s commission of crimes under Part 2, Art. 343, Part 2, Art. 364, Part 3, Art. 365 and Part 3, Art. 387 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, as committed with prior conspiracy by a group of people.

We are talking about interfering in the conduct of a law enforcement officer, abuse of power or official position, a stretch of power or official authority by a law enforcement officer and disclosure of pre-trial investigation or inquiry data.

I hope that control over the course of this investigation will be organized by the Members of the Parliament of Ukraine.

Also, taking into account the status of persons involved in the investigation and the mutual political guarantees, I consider it necessary to initiate the establishment of the Temporary Investigation Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to investigate interference with the investigation of economic crime cases of the regime of Yanukovych V.F. and other circumstances reported by me earlier.

(Andrii Derkach speaks)


Dear colleagues, citizens of Ukraine…

Now, we have selected only those stories from voice recordings similar to the voices of Poroshenko and Biden, which the investigative journalists drew attention to, and which, in their opinion, is a direct violation of the law and treason.

We have handed over all the hours-long records we have at our disposal together with a statement about treason, as well as facts of international corruption to the Prosecutor General’s Office, a statement in accordance with Article 214 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine, for criminal proceedings to be registered.

I also want to state that the speaker Dmytro Razumkov personally blocks the creation of the Temporary Investigation Commission, which we registered with Oleksandr Dubinsky and 12 deputies from different factions, which is a violation of the direct rule of the Law On Regulations. The created commission could effectively investigate the facts of international corruption.

  • If, after this press conference, Dmytro Razumkov fails to put to vote the issue of creating the commission, we will sue him.
  • Dmytro Razumkov will bear personal responsibility.
  • I also want to state that I sent all the files to US government agencies for use and decision making within their competence.
  • We understand that the owners of oligarchic or foreign-controlled media obstruct the activities of honest investigative journalists, and block information about international corruption. Therefore, journalists are turning to me.
  • In the future, we will always find the opportunity to ensure the constitutional right of citizens to receive information, and we will try to ensure the effective and safe work of journalists.
  • External governance of the country must be stopped.
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