New facts of international corruption and external governance of Ukraine (6 press conference)

The topic of our press conference is:

New facts of international corruption and external governance of Ukraine.

Today, Petro Oleksiyovych continues to polarize the society, trying to gain a foothold in the national and patriotic niche.

The current attempts of Petro Poroshenko to radicalize the situation and split the society are artillery preparation for the fall. The destabilization of the situation in the country is planned for autumn.

To confirm that this is not a conspiracy theory, today we will unveil new records of conversations between people which appear to be Poroshenko and Biden.

But, before turning on the records, we would like to refresh the memory of the events of the summer of 2016. Then, in our Ukrainian Crimea, according to media publications, the Russian special services detained a group of special services of our country.

Here is what the media wrote:

“In July 2016, a group of saboteurs showed up in the Crimea on a technological dam across Lake Sivash. According to the preliminary information, the saboteurs wanted to mine the road and the power transmission poles on it, which could lead to an environmental disaster. If the dam were blown up, the nearest villages would be flooded.”

Petro Oleksiyovych’s team fiercely refuted this version. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov called the report on possible terrorist attacks in Crimea: “provocative nonsense.”

Indeed, it is hard to imagine that the President of the state, who came to power after the Maidan tragedy, with the total confidence of the Ukrainians, could afford to order the special services to organize a terrorist attack against his fellow citizens in order to maintain his rating.

It is hard to believe that Poroshenko used individual representatives of the armed forces to participate in sabotage and terrorist attacks against Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea. Once again, we want to emphasize that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine. Citizens of Ukraine live there.

What Petro Oleksiyovych was ready to do with his citizens deserves special attention of law enforcement agencies.

To prevent Petro Oleksiyovych’s team from talking about phrases taken out of context, we publish the entire conversation.

I suggest listening.

According to information from open sources, as well as data from investigative journalists, the sabotage was supposed to happen at the airport, port, and the Kerch Strait Bridge, where a large number of Ukrainian civilians could be harmed. But this did not bother the organizers of the failed unlawful act of intimidation of their population.

But what interests us in these records is not that Biden did not inform and mislead the US Senate and Congress; and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, knowing what really happened, misinformed the world community with his statements.

We are not interested in the fact that these high officials covered a potential war criminal fighting with his peaceful fellow citizens.

Let the Department of Justice and other competent US authorities deal with this.

We are interested in the security of the state of Ukraine and its citizens. According to Article 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine, human beings, their life and health, honor and dignity, integrity and security are the highest values of the state.

Article 17 of the Fundamental Law states that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations cannot be used by anyone to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens or to overthrow the constitutional order, eliminate government bodies or obstruct their operations.

This Article also states that the creation and functioning of any armed formations not provided for by the law is prohibited in Ukraine.

Petro Oleksiyovych violated the Constitution. And he violated it to intimidate the population.

Will the representatives of the Poroshenko Party now call nonsense statements by opposition politicians that in 2019 Petro Poroshenko played the scenario of escalating the conflict to disrupt the presidential election?

This was stated by Yulia Tymoshenko on the air of Good Morning, Country! TV show that they have been trying to close for two years because of this broadcast.

This was stated by other opposition politicians, calling the provocation in the Kerch Strait and the subsequent martial law – Poroshenko’s attempt to cling to power and disrupt the presidential election. And only a wide public outcry, and a meager rating of confidence in the fifth president, stopped him from a radical scenario.

Constantly cultivating the operations of paramilitary groups, Poroshenko formed an organized crime group which included individual representatives of the armed forces represented by the then Head of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Valery Kondratyuk.

As follows from the notes, Poroshenko promised to punish the head of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for illegal and uncoordinated actions. In reality, this is a lie, because a month after this conversation, the deputy of the Poroshenko Administration, General Andriy Taranov, died in a strange way, riding a water scooter, and General Valery Kondratyuk was appointed in his place.

Why are we publishing these records today?

Because one of the participants in the events – Valery Kondratyuk, who appears in the published records, has recently been appointed to the post of Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service. Once again: a person who was directly related to the planned acts of terrorism attacks and sabotage against citizens of Ukraine today is a member of the National Security and Defense Council and heads the Foreign Intelligence Service, reporting directly to the President of Ukraine. The question is – to which one?

The Foreign Intelligence Service is a special service that has the strength, skills and means that can be used illegally to carry out terrorist attacks, sabotage and provocations against Ukrainian citizens this fall, in order to wreak havoc and remove from office the legally elected President Zelensky in that or another way.

It is very important that Kondratyuk is removed from his post tomorrow as a Lieutenant General who has crossed the line, and who, according to the US Vice President Joe Biden, in August 2016 organized sabotage and provocation incompatible with the concept of international law.

We must prevent a repeat of the Crimean Scenario 2016 with destabilization and sabotage in the fall of 2020.

We, as citizens of Ukraine, are concerned about the issue of preventing the quite possible illegitimate coming to power of the former President of Ukraine Poroshenko.

We publish this in order to stop the “Party of War” and prevent Poroshenko’s revenge, which is ready to use any methods, including military formations. And to use, as he already did, law enforcement agencies for personal mercenary purposes.

Poroshenko has a tremendous influence on state authorities. With the help of curators, represented by individual corrupt representatives of the US Democratic Party, he is able to appoint and arrange his people under President Zelensky. If you add here the complete “inability” of the existing law enforcement agencies to resist the Poroshenko’s organized crime group, the prospect of a coup d’état seems quite real.

We are sorry that today at this press conference, we are breaking the illusions of our patriotic fellow citizens.

But it is unacceptable for the Supreme Commander to appoint people who are controlled by Poroshenko, and instead of the promised peace, they organize and try to carry out sabotage acts against civilians. If they were capable of this in the past, then they are capable of this in the future.

The second topic of conversations concerns PrivatBank. Petro Oleksiyovych tried to appease his older comrade with this topic, whom he much upset with his actions in the Crimea.

Let’s listen.

Petro Oleksiyovych is diligently trying to appease his overseas comrade, presenting the secret information of the investigation.

I suggest listening.

Well, it’s a great joke. As a result, Poroshenko’s actions became nothing more than interference in the US presidential election in 2016. We want to remind, that this conversation took place on August 19, 2016, on the day Manafort resigned from his post as Trump’s campaign chairman and a few months before the presidential election in the United States.

After this, Ukraine for a long time recovered from the international scandal into which the fifth president pulled our country.

By the way, Joe Biden was not mistaken when he suspected his protégé Petro Oleksiyovych of double standards and a two-field game.

Now we want to show the whole Ukraine what kind of person is behind such high words like “Army. Language. Faith.”

In 2015, almost two hundred Ukrainian soldiers died in the Battle of Debaltseve.

A few years later, Petro Oleksiyovych, on the TV channel owned by the oligarch Pinchuk, recounted what a tough position he had taken then, in 2015, in communication with the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Let us recall what it was like.

Indeed! How else can Poroshenko relate to a person who, in his opinion, speaks such words?

Let’s listen to the recording of the conversation of people with voices which appear to be the President of Ukraine Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Conversation dated April 30, 2015. Two months after the tragedy in Debaltseve.

“I shake your hand. Thank you…”

Exactly three weeks after this conversation, Petro Poroshenko awarded 228 Ukrainian soldiers, including the defenders of Debaltseve.


I think the comments are unnecessary here.

These records were given to us by investigative journalists. We will pass all available information to the law enforcement agencies.

Poroshenko’s treason is not a domestic political issue. This is a matter of national security of Ukraine. This is a matter of independence of our country. The country for which our soldiers continue to die. And on whose deaths people such as Poroshenko continue to make money.


What conclusions can be drawn from these conversations?

First of all. Actions against his fellow citizens are standard practice for Petro Poroshenko, who, in order to maintain his rating, was ready to give illegal commands that would endanger the lives of thousands of Ukrainians, disrupt the Minsk agreements, undermine the international authority of Ukraine, and interfere in the elections of another country.

Second. The former Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden, knew about the actions of his protégé and, which is completely unacceptable for an official of his rank, covered him. He misled the world community, the US Congress and Senate, while not forgetting to give Poroshenko instructions on how to hide the consequences of the international scandal.

Third. And this is the main threat to Ukraine. It lies in the fact that saboteurs not only did not leave their positions and were not convicted… They took leading positions in the highly important strategic units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And they are already operating under the new President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This can lead to the fact that in the fall in Ukraine there may be an attempt to seize power with the help of paramilitary groups and high-ranking military personnel, a significant part of which is connected by the well-known events with Petro Poroshenko.


  1. We pass all available records to the law enforcement agencies.
  2. Proceeding from the protection of the interests of Ukraine, we published only part of the conversations. But even this part is enough to prevent the initiators of sabotage and terrorist attacks from escaping responsibility.
  3. We also appeal to the President of Ukraine Zelensky with a request to immediately remove from office the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Valery Kondratyuk, as a person whose actions could constitute a threat to national security and sovereignty of Ukraine. And we request law enforcement agencies to investigate possible facts of sabotage against citizens of Ukraine living in Crimea.

And I want to say personally to Petro Oleksiyovych: No rating — not even a presidential one — costs human lives.

And if you plan to repeat in Kyiv that chaos against your fellow citizens, which you organized in the Crimea, I want to assure you that this will not work. Do not even doubt that.

The next part of our press conference is devoted to facts of international corruption, namely the misappropriation of public funds by the members of the Supervisory Boards of state enterprises.

Members of the Supervisory Board are officially the highest-paid officials. Their salaries and bonuses are measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars. All this is paid out of Ukrainian citizens’ pockets.

Today we will talk about Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia). I will explain how this is connected with the Bidens, the Soros’s allies, and other representatives of the DemoCorruption.

Expats are sitting in the Supervisory Board of Ukrainian Railways, who can not tell the difference between rails and sleepers, and provide enrichment schemes for all the same representatives of the DemoCorruption.

Today, another person was supposed to be with us – Andriy Viktorovych Ryazantsev, who since 2016 has been working in senior positions in the financial and economic bloc of Ukrainian Railways.

He is absent on the basis of valid excuses. Nevertheless, he recorded a corresponding appeal on the topic of existing international corruption in Ukrainian Railways.

Before turning on the appeal, I want to note that Andriy, as a person who worked at Ukrainian Railways, knows from within the situation in the state monopoly in the field of provision of transport services and rail transport.

He will talk about the flourishing schemes of international corruption within the Ukrainian Railways, as well as the role of individual members of the Supervisory Board in the implementation of these schemes, their functioning and maintenance.

I want to emphasize once again that corruption in Ukrainian Railways is not some abstract figures; it is a specific theft of funds of our fellow citizens, which results in an increase in transportation tariffs and ticket prices on trains and commuter rails. This means that international corruption even here is getting into the pockets of every Ukrainian.

That’s how we get high ticket prices, leaking railcars, electric trains falling apart and dilapidated train stations.

Looking ahead, I note that we will talk about a character already familiar to us – Anders Aslund, a Swedish specialist of a wide profile. It is noteworthy that Aslund, in addition to his membership in the Supervisory Board of Ukrainian Railways, also serves on the board of the private commercial bank Credit Dnepr, which is an asset of Victor Pinchuk.

As already known, Credit Dnepr, together with Delta Bank from the orbit of the current oligarch, and formerly the KGB agent “Valeriy”, during 2011–2015 withdraw funds of stabilization loans of the National Bank of Ukraine by placing them on correspondent accounts with Meinl Bank AG (Austria).

According to the court, the oligarchs and corrupt bankers withdrew more than $800 million from Ukraine. And Ukrainians never saw this money again.

A portion of these funds, namely $29 million, went to the accounts of the Hillary Clinton Foundation, a former Democratic candidate for the US presidency.

But this is not the only intersection of Aslund and Pinchuk.

Since 2015, Aslund has been a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council. This organization is sponsored not only by Mykola Zlochevsky’s Burisma but also by Victor Pinchuk. Pinchuk even joined the Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board.

I think that Aslund has close relations with Victor Pinchuk, George Soros’s partner in Ukraine and that he appeared in our country not by accident.

Let’s listen to the details of this international corruption scandal.

The recordings we heard are not the last sensation for today.

Today we will unveil the facts according to which it was possible to return to the citizens of Ukraine $6 billion stolen from them by Poroshenko and the company.

Konstantin Kulyk, the Head of a Group of Prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office who investigated the theft of billions of dollars from Ukrainian citizens, will tell more about this.

It was Kulyk who returned $1.5 billion to the budget of Ukraine and came close to arresting another $6 billion stolen by the organized crime group of Yanukovych from the budget of Ukraine.

I give him the floor.

Direct speech by Konstantin Kulyk

For comparison, $6 billion is a series of debt tranches requested by the government from the IMF on enslaving terms.

Or to make it clear to the audience, the minimum pension in Ukraine is $60. In other words, 100 million minimum pensions were stolen.

It was possible to pay pensions to all pensioners for almost a year with this money. But instead, the funds went to ensure comfortable twilight years of the former President Poroshenko and his colleagues.

But one thing at a time.

In 2014, we launched an investigation which included the issue of theft of public funds. This investigation caused repeated pressure on me and a group of prosecutors under my control and led to our illegal dismissal from the prosecution authorities.

The reason is simple. We investigated and obtained evidence of the activities of a criminal group led by Petro Poroshenko.

How have we revealed this?

Investigating the circumstances of the crimes committed by Viktor Yanukovych and his associates, we proved that they seized the state assets of Ukraine in the amount of $40 billion.

Just imagine this figure – $40 billion!

Since public assets are the assets of citizens of Ukraine, Yanukovych and his team robbed the people of Ukraine, each Ukrainian directly.

We managed to return $1.5 billion to the budget.

It was possible to do this, despite the resistance of individual politically and corruptly concerned representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine, some corruptly biased NABU officers with their 4 criminal cases in the interests of Yanukovych’s associates.

We returned one and a half billion to the country.

However, while working on the further confiscation of Yanukovych’s assets, we found out the names of the new owners of the assets. They turned out to be people from Poroshenko’s entourage. I mean Gontareva, Lozhkin, Poroshenko himself and other affiliates who were led by Poroshenko for several years.

During the reign of Yanukovych, Poroshenko’s group integrated into the so-called “Family” of Yanukovych and committed crimes with them. Gontareva used international schemes and her foreign partners to withdraw stolen assets from Ukraine.

For example, ICU – the company controlled by her, withdrew part of the confiscated $1.5 billion. Until today, under the new government, ICU continues to be a leading company in the financial market of government bonds in Ukraine.

After Poroshenko came to power as the President of Ukraine, he developed his group and involved new members in it. In general, all this you could observe yourself online in the publications of investigative journalists.

At the same time, wanting to get influential patrons from the international establishment, in order to cover up illegal commercial activities, Poroshenko entered into a criminal conspiracy with Soros and Biden, as evidenced by the records of conversations that we showed and the documents we have.

This could seem like a fantastic version until our group of prosecutors unraveled a large corruption tangle.

What was the purpose of the conspiracy?

If in simple words – to take over the loot.

And more precisely, to take possession of certain assets of the Yanukovych’s associates and individual businessmen. And globally – to plunder Ukraine. In return, Poroshenko was obliged to obey the external governance of Ukraine. And in fact, judging by the records, he did.

Every one who, due to various circumstances, got too close to this scheme had suffered from a different kind of punishment: dismissals, legal prosecution, and media harassment. Petro Oleksiyovych had a good set of tools.

The media controlled by him and professional activists-grant-eaters performed their role of discrediting the oppositionists, and NABU controlled by Sytnyk and individual representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine opened cases against them.

A constant exchange of information to control joint actions was made between these criminals.

From the available audio records, we see that trying to implement their criminal plan, Poroshenko and Biden used their official position, their power to influence the intelligence, law enforcement and judicial authorities of Ukraine and other countries.

Now all these circumstances are revealed by investigative journalists and us.

And today it is a matter of returning to the budget of Ukraine the previously stolen tens of billions of dollars and punishing criminals. And the people of Ukraine should do this.

Why the people?

In March 2019, I officially served a suspicion to Gontareva, Lozhkin, Filatov, Hrytsenko (who is the head of the board of Ukreximbank) and other people from the entourage of Petro Poroshenko.

A draft suspicion was prepared against Poroshenko related to legalization (laundering) of the assets of Arbuzov-Kurchenko in the amount of $406 million, giving and receiving bribes in especially large amounts, committed as part of a criminal organization. Money laundering in the form of the purchase of bonds of external debt of Ukraine. This is exactly the $6 billion that Ukraine is now, that is, you and I will pay these persons.

Here is this draft suspicion.

Since then, after our dismissal for more than a year, the investigation has not moved at all, cases just lie with the NABU, where the former Prosecutor General Riaboshapka sent it.

Therefore, we are promoting our project, which consists in creating a public “People’s Suspicion” and the initiation of processes in which Ukrainians will be able to act as victims and prosecutors of corrupted power, based on their rights provided by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Let me remind you of your rights.

Article 17 of the Constitution of Ukraine – the protection of the sovereignty of Ukraine is one of the most important functions of the state, the concern of the Ukrainian people.This means no external governance.

Article 18 – Ukraine’s foreign policy is aimed at ensuring its national interests and security by maintaining peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation with members of the international community according to generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

This means, no conspiracy with the leaders of other states for their own gain, the seizure of property of Ukrainians or the state of Ukraine, provocations with human victims.

Article 41 – everyone has the right to own, use and manage their own property; no one can be unlawfully deprived of the right of ownership.

This gives Ukrainians the right to demand the return of stolen assets to the country’s budget, as this is their property, which the people delegated to the state by paying taxes.

And if the state today does not care about the fate of this money, and the state incurs new debts with the IMF, then we have the right to raise the question of the return of our taxes to the budget.

We must remember that with this money the payment of pensions and other social benefits are made, guaranteed by Article 46 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Following Articles 38, 40 of the Constitution, each citizen of Ukraine has the right to take part in the management of public affairs, submit individual or collective written appeals, or personally apply to state authorities, local self-government, officials and officers of such bodies, who are obliged to consider the appeal and give a reasoned response within the time period established by law.

The authorities can do something about this, or they can do nothing, but we should not depend on them, and we must defend our rights legally and return the stolen to the people.

Once again, I come up with the initiative of a public “People’s Suspicion” and demand return to the Ukrainians the $6 billion that Poroshenko and the company stole from them.

We will identify the criminals, prepare a public prosecution for them and request the Prosecutor General to support the prosecution in court, and to compensate the damage caused to Ukraine by illegal decisions, acts or omissions of state authorities, as guaranteed by Articles 55, 56, 124 and 131-1 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Direct speech by Andrii Derkach:

If given the facts released today, Petro Poroshenko will not be prosecuted under a number of Articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the People’s Suspicion is very likely to turn into a People’s Verdict very soon.

This concludes our press conference.

Thank you for your attention!

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